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More about the services Apex offers...

We are unique beings with unique needs. At Apex, we take pride in offering a variety of trauma-informed interventions aimed at moving beyond the confines of mental illness, life's problems and towards the apex! To gain a deeper understanding of what Apex can offer, please read below.

Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics

NMT is a model designed to meet the specific needs of the child and their family in the pursuit of mental wellness and recovery from trauma. Learn more by clicking the link below or feel free to contact us!

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Accelerated Resolution Therapy

ART is a therapeutic approach used to treat a variety of issues such as trauma, anxiety, grief/loss and more! Learn more about ART at the link below.

Play Therapy

Play therapy supports the child to problem solve and process their experience through the language of children (play). The therapist establishes a warm relationship and gives permission to express their feelings and experiences. Lean more about Play Therapy below:,or%20her%20feelings%20completely.%20...%20More%20items...%20

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